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Play the high speed Numbers Game, Algebra Maze Games and challenging Math Memory Cubes.


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Games & Graphics

Love learning math with games and graphics.

3D Games

MathWithGames.com offers free math games including the fast paced Numbers Game with operators and symbols such as Sigma Summation, Sigma Square Summation, Factorial, Cube, Square, Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication and Division. The Geometry Spin Game asks players to select geometric shapes including a pyramid, cone, oblate spheroid, small stellated dodecahedron, octagonal prism, cube, regular octahedron, tetrahedron, and more. Challenge your memory in three dimensions with Math Memory Cube Games.

3D Math Interactive & Animation

Learn by looking! Interactive and animated pages include descriptions with mathematical details. The Geometry 3D Gallery allows you to swipe and rotate 3D geometric shapes. Geometry 3D Gallery provides a cheat sheet for the Geometry Spin Game. Also see Geometry Animated GIFs including a torus, oblate spheroid, cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder, stellated dodecahedron, plus 2D shapes such as an equilateral triangle, vector, and rhombus.

Games for Mobile and Desktop

MathWithGames.com offers educational online math games for mobile phones, cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Most 3D games run on devices including iPhone 6 on up, Android with Chrome or Firefox, Windows Phone 8.1 on up, Macintosh with OSX Yosemite on up and Windows 10.

3D Games For Mobile

Algebra Math Mazes, Numbers 3D Games, 3D Geometry Games and Math Memory Cube Games run on mobile phones, tablets, cell phones, and full computers with WebGL enabled.

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