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The Geometry Spin game teaches math facts with three dimensional colorful geometric shapes! Swipe and tap to find the right shape, whether it's a cube, cylinder, dodecahedron, icosahedron, or square pyramid spinning through outer space. Fun and math games go together. Enjoy free online games at MathWithGames.com.

Learn to Play the Geometry Spin Game

Geometry Spin includes three dimensional scenes and geometric shapes with four levels. When asked, tap to select the correct shape. Learn about geometry while playing. For details see Learn to Play Geometry Spin. Look at the Geometric Game Help cheat sheet with links to 3D shapes which spin when you swipe.

3D Games for Phones, Tablets, and Desktops

Geometry Spin's designed to run on mobile phones and desktop computers. Geometry Spin runs on current Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, Macintosh, and Windows PCs.

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