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Sigma Summation and Factorial: Level Four

Numbers 3D Game

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Sum Series: Integers & Integers Squared

Have fun learning about the Sigma Σ summation and factorial ! symbols. Tap the Play button to start the timer. For details regarding game play tap the ? icon above. Warning this level can be very challenging without a cheat sheet!

A series of questions display below the landscape, one at a time. Each question asks you to find the expression which evaluates to a specific number. Quickly tap digits, Σ Sigma, and ! factorial symbols, to form the correct expression. As soon as you answer a question, the next question displays. The game's over when the timer runs out or you've answered every question.


Digits and symbols display below the background as you build the expression. Each correct selection increases your score by 40 points. The maximum score for level four equals 400 points.

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