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Numbers 3D Games

For Mobile and Desktop

Play four levels of Numbers Games! Learn to add and subtract, multiply and divide, cube and square, and most challenging of all, try sigma summation.

3D Numbers Game

Play the free 3D math Numbers Game. Enjoy learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, cube, factorial, summation of integers and squares. The Numbers Game includes 3 dimensional scenes digits and math symbols with four levels.

A series of questions display below each scene. Questions appear one at a time. Each question asks you to find the expression which evaluates to a specific number. Quickly tap digits and math symbols to form the correct expression. As soon as you answer a question, the next question displays. The game's over when the timer runs out or you've answered every question.

The higher the level, the more points per correct answer. The timer and more advanced questions for higher levels make this game challenging. Most adults probably can't ace Numbers Game level four.

Compare your score to others. After completing a level, enter a name in the game's form, then post your score to the online scoreboard hall of fame.

The Numbers Game's designed to run on mobile phones and desktop computers with WebGL enabled browsers. Numbers Game runs on Windows PCs, Macintosh with OSX Yosemite or higher, current Androids, iPhone 6 and higher, Windows Phone 8.1 and higher.

Numbers Game: 3D Games

Enjoy free online games at The Numbers Game includes four levels. Levels one and two are add, subtract, divide, and multiplication games. They might challenge younger people or children.

However levels three and four present challenges for the best of us. Levels three and four include squares, cubes, factorials, summation, and summation of squares. These thinking games or brain games offer fun for adults too.

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