Geometric Solids & Shapes

Geometric Game Help

Tap to Spin Geometric Shapes

Learn by looking. Tap a graphic to load Web pages with short geometric terms and graphics. The terms and graphics provide answers to Geometry Spin game questions. Most pages display 3D shapes which spin as you swipe. Learn to Play Geometry Spin below.

3D Pyramid Screen Shot 3D Pyramid
Torus Torus
3D Cone Screen Shot 3D Cone
Spheroid Screen Shot Spheroid
Ringwave Screen Shot Ringwave
Stellated Dodecahedron Stellated Dodecahedron
3D Icosahedron Screen Shot Regular 3D Icosahedron
3D Octahedron Screen Shot Regular
3D Octahedron
3D Tetrahedron Screen Shot 3D Tetrahedron
Cube Cube
3D Dodecahedron Screen Shot Regular
Cylinder Cylinder
Octagonal Prism Octagonal Prism
Triangular Prism Triangular Prism
3D Polyhedron Screen Shot 3D Polyhedron
14 Sides
Vector Vector

Two Dimensional Shapes

Quatrefoil Quatrefoil
Rhombus Rhombus
Equilateral Triangle Equilateral Triangle
Octagon Octagon

Geometry Gallery Selections

Tap on a graphic to see 3D shapes which spin when you swipe. Learn math with 3 dimensional geometric shapes. Each page provides geometry help including geometry terms which apply to the shape. The 2D shapes and symbols page includes pictures and explanation for each symbol.

Learn to Play Geometry Spin

Play free geometry games! Swipe to spin around and view each scene. The game asks players to select specific geometric shapes as they move and rotate. Tap to select each shape. Start with level one of the Geometry Spin 3D game. Levels increase in difficulty.

Select from four game levels with the Play More Levels! button at the top of each game page. Levels include floating paintings in an art gallery, a 3D landscape, Mars background, and space scene.

Post Your Score Online!

Select the Post Score button to post your score to the online hall of fame scoreboard. Always enter your password before selecting the Post Score button. The Geometry Spin game doesn't save your password.

The scoreboard displays the top ten scores. The highest possible score is 1000 points. Earn a maximum of 100 points for level one, 200 points for level two, 300 points for level three, and 400 points for level four. 100 + 200 + 300 + 400 = 1000.

Reset Levels

Select the Reset button at the bottom of the page, to replay the current level. Select the Reset All Levels button, to start with a score of zero for each level.

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