Pyramid to Colorful Cube

Morph Animation

Pyramid to Rainbow Morph Animation

This pyramid animation transforms to a colorful cube with morphing transitions.

A pyramid is a polyhedron with four triangular faces which share one vertex. The base of a square pyramid is a square with four edges. In Egypt huge ancient pyramid shaped structures were prepared for significant people when they passed away.

A cube is a regular hexahedron. Hexahedrons have six faces. The cube is the only regular hexahedron. Regular polyhedron include symmetry. The term hexahedron refers to six faces. Cubes have six faces. All six faces have identical width, height, and angles. Therefore a cube is a regular polyhedron as well as a hexahedron.

Colorful Cube Vertex Colors GIF Animation
Cube with Colored Sides Interactive 3D Cube
3D Morphing Pyramid to Cube Screen Shot Pyramid MP4 Animation
Interactive 3D Pyramid Interactive 3D Pyramid
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