Mathematical Shapes

This Web page includes graphics of two dimensional shapes and solid geometry.

Geometric Solids

3D Tetrahedron Screen Shot 3D Tetrahedron
Ringwave Screen Shot Ringwave
3D Dodecahedron Screen Shot Regular Dodecahedron
3D Icosahedron Screen Shot Regular 3D Icosahedron
Octagonal Prism Octagonal Prism
Triangular Prism Triangular Prism
3D Polyhedron Screen Shot 3D Polyhedron

Two Dimensional Shapes

Quatrefoil Quatrefoil Tap for Description!
Rhombus Rhombus Tap for Description!
Equilateral Triangle Equilateral Triangle Tap for Description!
Octagon Octagon Tap for Description!

Geometry Graphics

Tap a graphic for descriptions.

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