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Math is like a game. Follow the rules. Figure it out, and play to win!
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Fun Learning! provides math games designed to make learning fun. Often graphics, music, interactivity, and competition bring out the best in us. Studies demonstrate we remember more details when interested. Perhaps that's obvious! However for some of us, it takes a little creativity to realize the unique and fascinating aspects of mathematics. Games and math seem like the perfect match.

Math and games share many similarities. Games use symbols and sometimes complicated rules. All forms of math use symbols and specific rules. Games and math include measurable results. Games and math trigger competition. Games include graphics. Many topics in mathematics modify shapes, volumes, and other graphical content.

Math provides a foundation for software developers, engineers, scientists, teachers, and students. Math games help prepare skills for computer programming, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Perhaps most important to game lovers, math provides the foundation for making games!

Love Learning! forms part of Seven Thunder Software's focus on learning, which includes e-books sold on Amazon, and free Web Development Tutorials. Learn to program games, interactive and feature rich Web pages.

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Have fun and love learning! Come back again soon for new and updated games.

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