Help Identify Legs of a Right Triangle

Trig Triumph Game: Level 1 Help

Learn to identify the legs of a right triangle. This page provides help for the Trig Triumph game, level one.

Tap to select Adjacent, Opposite, and Hypotenuse labels. Drop labels, to place each label in the right location over the triangle. With mobile phones tap to drop labels. Select the Final Answer button when labels identify each side of the triangle.

The first question displays a graphic which labels each leg of the triangle. The following graphic identifies legs of a right triangle. The θ indicates the angle associated with opposite and adjacent legs. θ is always closest to the adjacent leg and farthest from the opposite leg.

Legs Labeled on a Right Triangle

Legs Labeled on a Right Triangle

Select the Next button, for the next question. Win 10 points for each correct selection.

Select the Post Score button to post your score online. See how your score compares to others in the Trig Triumph Hall of Fame.

Reset Level One

Select the Reset button at the bottom of the page, to begin this level again. Reset allows you to play the level over again and increase your score. Reset assigns zero to your score for this level, then displays the first question for this level.

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