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Help Identify Trigonometric Functions

Trig Triumph Game: Level 2 Help

Identify trigonometric functions such as Sin of A, Cos of B, and Tan of A. Tap to select labels for sides a, b, or c. Drag or drop, to place labels over the fraction bar in the upper left corner. With mobile phones tap to drop labels. Select the Final Answer button when labels identify the correct trigonometric function. Select the Next button, for the next question. Win 20 points for each correct selection.

Level 2 Find Ratios

The following chart abbreviates trigonmetric ratios. a stands for the side adjacent to a specified angle. o stands for the side opposite a specified angle. h stands for the hypotenuse. For example sin(a) equals o/h or the opposite leg divided by the hypotenuse.

The bottom of the chart includes a diagram with arrows pointing to each side of a right triangle, as they correlate to the angle; θ.

Trigonometric Function Table

Apply Six Trigonometric Functions from the Diagram Above

Post Your Score Online

Select the Post Score button to post your score online. See how your score compares to others in the Trig Triumph Hall of Fame.

Rounding Errors

Trig Triumph rounds the final answer to the nearest thousandth (3 digits after the decimal point). Often rounding each step in a series introduces rounding errors. The final result may be too high, when more than one step in the series rounds up. The final result may be too low, when more than one step in the series rounds down.

Avoid rounding while playing Trig Triumph. Perform each step, then let the game round the final answer. The Trig Triumph game allows for small rounding differences. However it's helpful to understand for future math projects.

Reset Level Two

Select the Reset button at the bottom of the page, to begin this level again. Reset allows you to play the level over again and increase your score. Reset assigns zero to your score for this level, then displays the first question for this level.

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