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Trig Triumph Game: Level 3 Help

Right Triangles

Find the lengths of sides of a right triangle with the calculator and the Pythagorean Theorem. The Pythagorean Theorem is a2 + b2 = c2. Where c is the hypotenuse. a, and b are the other legs of a right triangle.

For example find the length of c, when given the length of a and b. First, square the length of a, and save the value. Second square the length of b, and save the value. Third add a2 and b2 together to obtain c2. Finally find the square root of c2. The square root of c2 equals your answer, the length of leg c.

Level 3 Find Lengths

Suppose you only have the lengths of the hypotenuse c, and one leg of the right triangle a. The hypotenuse is always longer than the other legs of a right triangle. Subtract a2 from c2, to obtain a positive number. The square root of a negative number is not a valid length. Your answer equals the square root of (c2 - a2).

The calculator processes values for trigonometric functions with degrees, rather than radians. The game's answers are rounded to three decimal precision. In other words, a maximum of three digits display after the decimal point.

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Rounding Errors

Trig Triumph rounds the final answer to the nearest thousandth (3 digits after the decimal point). Often rounding each step in a series introduces rounding errors. The final result may be too high, when more than one step in the series rounds up. The final result may be too low, when more than one step in the series rounds down.

Therefore don't round numbers while playing. The Trig Triumph game rounds the final result. If you don't need a calculate for the final answer, then round to the nearest thousandth. The Trig Triumph game allows for small rounding differences. However it's helpful to understand for future math projects.

Reset Level Three

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