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Trig Triumph Game: Level Four Help

Win 40 points for each correct selection. This page explains how to solve for one angle of a right triangle.

Calculator for Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds

Questions in the Trig Triumph game include angles with degrees, minutes and seconds. The calculator allows you to insert degree, minute, and second symbols. However the calculator doesn't execute statements with degrees, minutes, or seconds. This section teaches you how to solve for one angle, with degrees, minutes, and seconds. Before submitting your final answer, always include the degree symbol Degree Button. If the angle breaks down to minutes and seconds include the minute symbol Minute Button and the second symbol Second Button.

Use the calculator button Degree Button to insert the degree symbol Degree Button. Use the calculator button Minute Button to insert the minute symbol Minute Button. Use the calculator button Second Button to insert the second symbol Second Button.

Level 4 Find One Angle

Solve for Angles in Degrees

The sum of all three angles in a triangle equals 1800 or 180 degrees. A right angle equals 90 degrees. In a right triangle, the sum of the two remaining angles equals 90 degrees because 180 - 90 = 90. Each question includes a right angle, and the value for a second angle θ.

The formula:
180 = 90 (the right angle) + θ (The given angle) + θ.
Solve for the remaining angle θ.

For example given θ = 60. Substitute θ for 60 in the previous formula.

180 = 90 + 60 + θ
180 - 90 = 60 + θ
90 = 60 + θ
90 - 60 = θ
30 = θ

The remaining angle solution is 30.

Solve for Angles with Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds


Each degree may be divided into 60 minutes. One minute equals 1/60 of a degree. One degree equals 60 minutes. The symbol for degree is 0. The symbol for minute is '.


Each minute may be divided into 60 seconds. One second equals 1/60 of a second. One minute equals 60 seconds. The symbol for seconds is ''.

One degree equals 3600 seconds because 60 minutes times 60 seconds equals 3600.

Use a modification of the previous formula to solve for angle θ given θ = 6002'.

1800 = 900 + 6002' + θ.
1800 - 900 = 6002' + θ.
900 - 6002' = θ.  

Subtract 6002' from 9000'.


Borrow one degree from 900 to add 60 minutes. Remember 89060' = 9000'. Now subtract 89060' - 6002' = θ.

-600 2'
Your solution is 29058' = θ.

Follow the same process with seconds. Borrow 60 seconds from the minutes column when necessary.

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Rounding Errors

Trig Triumph rounds the final answer to the nearest thousandth (3 digits after the decimal point). Often rounding each step in a series introduces rounding errors. The final result may be too high, when more than one step in the series rounds up. The final result may be too low, when more than one step in the series rounds down.

Therefore don't round each step. Round the final answer down to the nearest thousandth. The Trig Triumph game allows for small rounding differences. However it's helpful to understand for future math projects.

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